So You Think You Have What It Takes to Successfully Remove a Tree Stump?

March 19, 2015

What Tools or Equipment Are Used for Stump Grinding?

A stump grinder is a piece of equipment that is used to grind a tree stump down into mulch. They can be used in several different environments and can be bought or rented. Because they are not something people will use every day, hiring one or simply calling in a professional tree stump grinding service is advisable for homeowners or businesses looking to remove a few stumps.

A stump grinder comes with a rapidly rotating blade that bites into a stump in order to shred it into sawdust or mulch. The person can control the depth and penetration by simply moving when necessary; some models propel themselves, so they carry on chewing through a stump until nothing is left over. Once a stump has been shredded, the leftover material is then used for compost, mulch, and other such tasks.

People want stumps removed for various reasons. After all, most large rotting tree stumps are not a pretty sight, so removing one improves the landscape. It also makes it much easier to mow and do other gardening jobs, since it no longer creates an obstacle in a garden. Stump removal also prevents the re-growth of fungi that may spread to other healthy nearby trees or plants, and it prevents a tree from coming back. Some species of tree could begin to sprout back again from the roots, so it could be necessary to remove the roots too.
There are numerous things to consider when choosing a stump grinder to use. Size is obviously a factor due to the fact a large tree stump does need an equally large grinder. Some come with diameter recommendations, and the place you buy or rent one from may be able to help you choose the best one for your job. A closed or open shroud is another factor to consider. Open ones work faster; however, the closed ones are much safer to use, due to the fact the blade is covered, with the exception of where it is grinding.

So if you have an ugly stump and live in the Jacksonville, FL area, call Professional Lawn & Tree Service at (904) 591-6691 today; we are the stump grinding service for you.

Updated: January 6, 2017 at 5:19 pm