Do You Know When to Call a Professional?

June 2, 2014

When Is an Emergency Tree Removal Necessary?

house with green lawn and treesPeople often need to remove a tree, although they don’t want to, they have to. Sometimes, the circumstances require a tree to be felled for the greater good. So when do we need an emergency tree removal service? Below, Professional Lawn & Tree Service has listed a few situations when you need to call a professional.

Top Floor

There is a common issue with trees being closer to buildings. Sooner or later, they will grow so large that their branches will reach your windows. This, of course, is a gradual process that takes years; however, it is not so uncommon. There are even species of Christmas trees that can become as tall as a four floor building. It is a spectacular sight to behold; however, when a tree grows that big, it starts to pose a real threat to the people living in the building behind it. This is one of those cases where emergency tree removal is needed.

Down to Earth

There are species of trees that develop an incredible root system. Although they can become as high as a house with two floors, it is the roots that cover more ground below. A tree next to a house can look pretty normal, especially if it doesn’t show a considerable size. However, its roots can easily damage the foundation of your building. Roots grow in a variety of patterns and will become dangerous if they reach the base of your home. The only way to determine this is to contact an expert arborist who can determine if the tree needs to be removed or not.

The Withered

Removing a live tree is an issue that needs to be handled with the utmost dedication to nature. However, removing a withered tree is more of a public service. They may not be close to your house, but to the street. Eventually, the left over strength in its dried roots will end, and the tree will fall by itself. If the street has a slope, it may even roll down and cause property damage or injure someone in the way. If you see a dead tree, it is time for a professional tree service.

These are the most common cases where trees need to be removed in order to preserve the human life and property around it. Have you found this interesting? Do you wish to know more? Call our Jacksonville, FL office at the phone number below.

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